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SCUBA Training. Yup, You need training.

Is SCUBA Diving really that Awesome? You Bet It Is!!

What's involved?
Some classwork for the Knowledge portion Skills Development, all geared up in a pool, and then the OPEN WATER portion where we get out in the Lake.
For more information, Click here: http://www.naseworldwide/ You can do most of the Knowledge Development On-line, saving time and money.

Unlike some places, we will not train you to dive in warm, crystal clear water without a wetsuit. You will learn to manage buoyancy while wearing a full wetsuit. We have had divers come on trips with us that have never put on a wetsuit, and couldn't deal with buoyancy issues, or less than perfect visibility. They paid good money for less than good training.

The saying goes: You are certified to dive in conditions similar to those you were trained in. Some places train you dive in warm clear water, without a wetsuit. The wetsuit changes things drastically, as does visibility.

We don't train in crystal clear water, so you will know how to deal with less than optimum conditions.  We train where you will likely be diving....It's where we dive..

We offer SCUBA training from Open Water through Divemaster.

Certified By NASE, PADI and The Handicapped SCUBA Association.

We do not train students under 12 years of age.

Special for Disabled Folks....
    Many people have a disability or health issues of one kind or another and believe it may keep them from becoming divers. I understand physical limitations better than most people. 
    Amputee, Paraplegia, MS, Arthritis, Blindness, Hearing impaired, are all serious issues, but they do not need to keep you from becoming a SCUBA Diver. Your body can have three dimensional freedom underwater. Gravity is not in charge beneath the surface. 
    Obviously, there are some health issues that preclude a person from SCUBA Diving, but the ones listed above are not among them.  Click here for more information:

    Please call me with any questions, 801 232-7670. All information kept strictly confidential. 

We are located in Kanosh, Utah. Pool sessions are normally going to be at the East Millard Pool in Fillmore.  We can also train at your location if you have a pool with a deep end.

Classes are scheduled at your convenience, allowing for pool availability and weather considerations.
Training can completed as quickly as 4 days, or spread out over four weeks.

Open Water Dives are most likely to be at Sand Hollow Reservoir (Hurricane, Utah), Fish Lake
(Piute County, Utah), or anywhere we need to if the situation calls for it. If it's really cold up in Utah we also love to dive Lake Mohave (Laughlin NV/Bullhead City AZ), and Lake Mead (Las Vegas/Boulder City, Nevada),  both on the Nevada, Arizona line. 

The "booklearning" portion can be online or in a classroom setting (yours or ours).

Arrangements can be made to do some, or all of the training while you are on Vacation. 

Prices include all materials and equipment, up to size 4X wetsuits. We do not require you to buy any equipment, except a prescription dive mask, if needed, and we will be happy to get you one at our cost. We are a ScubaMax and A-Plus marine Dealer.

All students must complete Medical Form, Liability Release and Safe Diving Practice, Statement of Understanding.
This is a requirement. You will not be trained anywhere in the USA, by any Certified Instructor without filling out these forms. You may be required to provide a clearance from your Doctor prior to training.

The following prices are for NASE classes. PADI courses are available at a higher cost. The higher cost reflects my costs, not the quality or thoroughness of the course.

Handicapped SCUBA Association classes are negotiated.

All training is available at a discount with the purchase of equipment.
The purchase of a full set of gear, (Mask, Fins, Boots, Snorkel, Buoyancy Compensator, Regulator Set (first stage, second stage, octo, full size 2 gauge console) will offset the entire cost of Open Water Training. You will also have a full set of gear.

Couples = 2 people that know each other very well and get along, ie, Buddies, Married Folks, "Sorta Married" Others...
Group of 4 = 4 people that know each other and get along, ie, Family Groups, Double Dates.....

Open Water Diver: Individuals: $375, Couples: $700, Group of 4: $1300
Includes up to 5 pool (or confined water) sessions, 4 open water dives, all materials and equipment,
(and a swell patch with our logo on it)

Nitrox/Enriched Air Diver: Individuals: $150, Couples: $250, Group of 4: $475
Includes Classroom session, all materials and equipment (no dives required)

Advanced Open Water Diver: Individuals: $400, Couples (2 people): $750 

Emergency First Responder: Individuals: $175, Couples $300, Group of 4, $550
First Aid, CPR, AED,
Includes two-three evenings of class, all materials and equipment. 

DAN  (Divers Alert Network)
Dive Emergency Management Provider: Individuals: $200, Couples $325, Group of 4, $600
More thorough than EFR class listed above. Includes:  Basic Life Support CPR/AED, First Aid, Neurological Assessment, First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life, Emergency Oxygen Provider for SCUBA Diving Injuries. 

Rescue Diver:
Individuals: $375, Couples (2 people): $700 
Includes Classroom, 2 full days in the water, all materials and equipment
Search and Recovery Diver: Individuals: $375, Couples (2 people): $700  (TREASURE!!) 
Includes Classroom, 4 dives, all materials and equipment. This is a fun class, my favorite.  

Deep Diver: Individuals: $375, Couples (2 people): $700  
Includes Classroom, 4 dives, all materials and equipment.

Altitude Diver: Individuals: $250, Couples:$375

Includes 2 dives, all materials and equipment

Night Diver: Individuals: $275, Couples: $500
Includes 3 dives, all materials and equipment. It all looks different at night.....

Wreck Diver: Individuals: $375, Couples: $700   
Includes Classroom, 4 dives, all materials and equipment. 

Scuba Review, Individuals: $100 Couples$150  
Skills Refresher/Review Class for certified divers that have not been diving in a while, 12 months or more. 1 Pool Session, all materials included

Divemaster: Call me and we will talk about it. 
    This is a professional level course. By definition, this rating makes you a Dive Professional. There are several prerequisites and it will require a good deal of time and effort. Much of the study is self lead, and water skills need to be "Demonstration Quality". That being said, being a PRO has advantages and there is a great deal of satisfaction involved in achieving a rating as a Dive Professional. 
On March 6th, 2014, Juniper Hollow Outdoors became the first NASE Facility in Utah. NASE believes you shouldn't have to cut down a tree to teach SCUBA. Nor should you use dated materials until they run out. It is E-Learning based, saving time and travel. The knowledge portion is done on your schedule, In-water training is not  "One Size Fits All", You won't be relearning skills you already have.  Finally, SCUBA training has caught up with the way people learn today, not 30 years ago.
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