Juniper Hollow Outdoors,LLC
Kanosh, Utah  Call 801 232-7670, or 435 531-1961

Rentals, Air Fills

Our compressor is a Mako 5405 using a 1801 purification cartridge.
We don't skimp on filter changes!
Our filter change schedule/history is written on the wall.

Rates are as follows:

Air Fills                                $7 (C card required)

All rentals except Hot Spring Special are 2 days/weekend

Hot Spring Special:
BCD, Weights, Regulator Set, one Aluminum 80  (Four hours)  $50

Tank rental                         $15 (2 for $27)  (C card required)
Regulator sets                   $25  (C card required)
BCD w/ weights/belt          $20  (C card required)   
Wetsuits                             $20
Fins/mask/snorkel             $15

BCD, Regulator,weights
Tank, Wetsuit package      $75    (C card required)

Dive Flag/Float/Reel           $7   It's the law....      (I'll sell you a set for $50)

Annual Cylinder Visual Inspections, $25 (tumbling extra)

Hydrostatic Testing (5 year)  $45

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