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About us....

   Who are Ted and Sue? 

    They are a Team, Partners, Friends, Buddies. Sometimes it's hard to tell where one stops and the other starts. These people are weird. Sometimes they even dress alike in flowery Hawaiian shirts just to annoy others.  

    Where are they from? 

        Ted and Sue are originally from Trumbull, Connecticut, where they went to school and eventually met, got married and decided that the East Coast was not where they wanted to live. Talk about expensive living.....Talk about a bunch of ......never mind....
    Sue was a Secretary for a number of Defense Contractors, and Ted was Contractor/Carpenter. 
    They moved to Utah in 1991, three days after getting married. No Regrets. "This Is The Place". Wild horses couldn't drag them back east. Hunting, Fishing, Life in General, it was all better out West, and the ideas that most easterners have about things.... well, I won't start down that road here....
   In 1998 they bought 120 Acres and started planning the future.  
    They planted 200 Juniper trees around the perimeter of a depression, hence the name, "Juniper Hollow". Insects killed all but one the Junipers. Come by and take a look at the last of them. It's doing great.
    Starting in November, 2003, they spent every available moment and every dime they earned to build their home. They hired out the foundation, most of the framing, the drywall and the metal roof. The rest they did themselves, design, plumbing, doors, windows, siding, tile, cabinets, heating, electrical (it's solar powered, off grid), and they even made their own railings from scrap metal. They received their Certificate of Occupancy on October 13, 2006, one month ahead of schedule.   It's a nice place. A happy place. A place they call "Home".
    Where are they going?   

    There is a saying, "If you want to hear the Almighty laugh, tell him your plans". So it has been with these two. Between them they have more hardware in them than True Value. OK, that's a gross exaggeration, but they ain't kids anymore. Cattle and farming weren't going to happen.      
    They decided to wing it, and see what happens. Roll with the punches as it were.     

    What kind of people are they?
    They basically libertarian, but hold themselves to standards that most folks would consider very Conservative.  
    They are very friendly and sociable. That being said, they do not associate with thieves, leaches, poachers, perverts, adulterers, vandals, spoilers, abusers or the untrustworthy. 
    There is very little that friends can't ask of them. They don't babysit. 
    They say what they mean and they mean what they say. They appreciate plain, straight talk. Sophistry is a waste of time and seems too much like lying.  
    They aren't churchgoers, but neither are they unwashed heathens, bent on destroying all that is good and decent in the world. They respect the beliefs of others, provided that those beliefs don't include harming those that don't agree. 

    How/why did they Become SCUBA Divers? 
    It's a long story and if you want to hear it, we're glad to tell it....if you have a couple hours.....

    What kinds of things do they believe?

Function is always more important than form. Plastic fruit may look good, but it isn't. The same with people.

What other people think about us is none of our business.  

Being broke isn't a sin, nor is having lots of nice things you have earned. 

No one has any legitimate claim on what another has toiled for. 

Having children is not as important as caring for them properly.

You CAN choose the members of your family, adding one as surely as you can disown one.

It is important to give thanks to those that deserve it.

Too bad you can't get a paying job with your degree in Music Appreciation. You should have been a plumber. I need a drain snaked, not a review.

Do as you please, provided it doesn't harm anyone else in any way. Annoyance at the behavior of others is not harm.

The value of your word is a good way to determine your value as a person.

We don't need to know your color, religion, or "orientation". It's there for us to see. None of this matters much unless you hit us over the head with it.

Some folks consider happiness to be a sin. They are wrong. We were not put here to be unhappy.

Protect the innocent, punish the guilty. 

If you bought a boat/ATV/big screen/stereo/mansion/fancy clothes/furniture or went to Tahiti for a month instead of saving, don't expect us to give you any of what we have sacrificed to save.  

Having a drink doesn't make you an alcoholic, nor does going to Church make you a Christian.

I don't know why bad things happen to good people, nor why good things happen to bad people. Sometimes life is unfair.  

        After you first meet Sue, at some point in the conversation, look her right in the eye and say, "Don't Patronize Me". It will cause her to crack up.



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